NEUR 2698/2699/4698/4699 (Undergraduate Research) Permit

Note: NEUR 2698/4698 (i.e., pay or audit basis) does not count towards your degree
Note:  3 hours in the research lab per week are required for 1 credit of coursework.  A maximum of 4 credits of undergraduate research on letter-grade or pass-fail basis are allowed in a given semester. The total amount of research credit that may be applied to the program of study for the B.S. degree is limited; please refer to the curriculum.
Provide a short descriptive project title (max. 120 characters)
Provide a 5-7 sentence description of the research. This should include: (a) the overall goals for the project, and (b) your aims for the semester.

When you submit this form your research advisor will be asked to confirm your participation in research next semester. Upon approval you will be granted a permit to register for the course credit.

Questions? Please contact Aisha Webb,