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Please rate the student in the following categories and provide additional comments when needed, such as suggestions for improvement or a brief justification of outstanding accomplishments.
Ability to communicate orally:
Ability to communicate in writing
Knowledge of chosen field:
Ability to conduct original and independent research
Readiness to start a career in academia, industry, or government (which ever applies):
Overall quality of the thesis:
Please keep in mind that the standards for ACO theses are very high. Each ACO thesis should have results publishable in top specialized journals in the given field.
Does the student have adequate number of publications? Have his or her results been published or submitted? If not, how much work is needed in order to submit them?
Ability to secure an adequate position:
If the student accepted a position, do you think the position is adequate for this student? If he or she has not yet accepted a position,what are his or her chances? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?